American Vietnamese Investment Partners

American Vietnamese Investment Partners, an investment firm with offices located in McLean, VA .  

AMVI Partners investment firm mostly focus on agricultural and bio technologies, and taking them to the next level. 

At AMVI Partners, we have a group of professional teams to specialist in different fields to analyze the market, see the potential growth, and help the companies grow in the right path. 

 We proudly announced that AMVI Partners, a consortium of high net worth Vietnamese investors, has recently invested $2.5 million into Hememics Biotechnologies in Maryland


Our Value


When we invest in a company, we commit to investing the time, energy, focus and resources necessary to shepherd each commitment through to an exceptional standard. 

To partner is to work in concert, with mutual respect, collective purpose and complementary goals.

 We open our doors, our resources and our relationships.  

We believe our work should be meaningful and enjoyable


Our Mission

At AMVI Partners, our mission is to invest in, growth and build stronger businesses